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Russian response to NATO missile defense to be 'reasonable' – Medvedev

Topic: U.S. missile shield in Europe

Dmitry Medvedev in Vladikavkaz
16:19 21/11/2011
VLADIKAVKAZ, November 21 (RIA Novosti)
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Russia's response to the deployment of a U.S. missile defense system in Europe will be “reasonable and adequate,” but will not end the possibility of further negotiations, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Monday during a meeting with officers of the Southern Military District.

“We will have to make some decisions, and I will announce them soon. There is no doubt that our actions are reasonable, adequate and not closing the road in order to continue the discussion of the situation surrounding the European missile defense system with our partners in the North Atlantic [Treaty Organization],” Medvedev said.

He noted that the missile defense system and the way it is offered by the American side “can significantly change the system of parity,” which may create certain problems for Russia.

In October, Moscow's NATO envoy Dmitry Rogozin said Russian talks with the United States on missile defense had hit a dead end.

The Kremlin says the U.S. expansion of an anti-missile system in Europe is a potential threat to Russia's nuclear arsenal, while Washington has been trying to convince Moscow that the system poses no threat to Russia and is needed to protect against missiles that could be fired from countries with smaller arsenals such as Iran.

The missile shield dispute between Russia and the United States has undermined efforts to build on improvements in relations between the former Cold War foes and is intensified by Russia's uncertainty of U.S. policy after the November 2012 presidential elections.


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RIA NovostiDmitry Medvedev in VladikavkazRussian response to NATO missile defense to be 'reasonable' – Medvedev

16:19 21/11/2011 Russia's response to the deployment of a U.S. missile defense system in Europe will be “reasonable and adequate,” but will not end the possibility of further negotiations, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Monday during a meeting with officers of the Southern Military District.>>

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  • akbarReasonable and adequate
    17:16, 21/11/2011
    The deployment of NATO missile defence system(In fact very much offensive system) on the federation boarders is not reasonable and logically very inadequate.My dear president,surely you dont think those American rockets meant for aliens from other plannets.In fact they are precisely aimed at Kremlin Palace.When you are faced with a crazy ox,you either take him by the horn or sit on your bum and perish(Mr Arthur Scargill NUM UK).
    • jg(no title)
      17:58, 21/11/2011
      The missiles in question are interceptors and are not "aimed at the Kremlin". However, as an automated defence system, the missile shield is not going to distinguish between incoming missiles, regardless of their origin. It therefore does alter the balance agreed in recent treaties. I guess Russia would want to either increase her numbers of strategic weapons and/or alter their disposition/location, so as to re-balance the situation.
    • p2o2rianLogical questions
      19:05, 21/11/2011
      The questions are:

      1. Will the U.S./NATO anti-missiles be aimed to shoot down incoming ballistic missiles OVER Russian territory or just after they have crossed the EU borders within EU's members airspace?

      2. Will the system's radars cover Russian space up to the Kremlin? Further? Up ti Ural? Kamchatka? Or their electromagnetic waves stop propagate on the EU borders?

    • arnoldvinette@yahoo.comWise decision by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev
      19:16, 21/11/2011
      This is a wise decision by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and the Russian Government.

      It has been made quite clear by the American government that they will be moving ahead with the installation of the US European Missile Defence Shield.

      The American government will NOT sign legal paperwork stating that they will not use the US European Missile Defence shield against Russia in the future.

      This means that the US European Missile Defence shield will be used against Russia in the future and most probably to disable Russian military defensive capabilities in order to seize the fossil fuel energy reserves of the Caspian Basin. The most likely target.

      It most be clearly understood that the American people mean the Russian people no harm and that these decisions are made at a very high US government level.

      President Barack Obama may have absolutely no control with regards to the deployment of the US European Missile Defence shield as he is just an elected 4 year President. The real power in the United States resides in another group of very powerful business men and private banks.

      So it is VERY prudent for Russia to match the deployment of the US European Missile Shield sites so that they can adequately neutralize the threat if and when required.

      I know that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and American President Barack Obama have worked very hard to improve Russian-United States relations but there are other players in the American Government that have their own agendas that may not coincide with the others.

      So Russia must be prudent. The danger is recognized. Simply put in place a matching system to neutralize the possible threat without making any accusations or war like overtones.
    • arnoldvinette@yahoo.comUnited States government preparing for Iran attack
      19:37, 21/11/2011
      On Sunday in Ottawa, Canada the Ottawa Sun released a full page news item about the threat of Iran launching a nuclear attack over the United States from the Gulf of Mexico.

      I mention this because it shows that the American and Canadian governments are already spreading propaganda about the dangers of a nuclear Iran and why the Iranian nuclear facilities should be taken out.

      FEAR is the number tool of governments to manipulate their people into approving actions or justifying their actions.

      When I read this article in the Ottawa Sun on Sunday November 20, 2011 I was worried to see the American and Canadian propaganda machine already at work.

      This is how wars begin. It starts by winning the hearts and minds of the local people against an enemy that does not yet exist.

      Knowing how many nuclear weapons that the United States and Israel have combined I would be a lot more worried about them rather than the REMOTE threat from Iran.

      So RIA Novosti and readers please be aware of this negative Iran propaganda now being printed in the Western press in Ottawa Canada and most probably other parts of the United States.

      I have just tried to locate this article online without success. So it may for local eyes only.
    • p2o2rianPR in politics
      19:39, 21/11/2011

      That doesn't change the fact that the NATO is "on offensive", and Russia "on defensive".

    • lmStand up Russia be counted.
      21:27, 21/11/2011
      What took Russia so long to take this step Russia has to stand up and be much, much more assertive in their foreign policy especially when it comes to their citizens, foreign interest, and security or the country?
      Russian oppositions are only gold diggers and would not think twice to sell out their own country.

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