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Russia 'not to let foreigners set up media outlets'

16:43 16/11/2011
MOSCOW, November 16 (RIA Novosti)
Tags: World Trade Organization (WTO), Maxim Medvedkov, Russia

Russia will not change legislation forbidding foreigners to set up media outlets in the country when it joins the World Trade Organization (WTO).

“Our main restriction on the media is that foreign nationals and stateless persons cannot act as founders,” Maxim Medvedkov, Russia’s chief WTO negotiator, told reporters on Wednesday.

Regulations on radio and television will also stay the same, Medvedkov added.

WTO finalized terms for Russia’s accession last week, enabling it to gain final approval at a WTO meeting next month and to join the trade club early next year.


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RIA NovostiMaxim MedvedkovRussia 'not to let foreigners set up media outlets'

16:43 16/11/2011 Russia will not change legislation forbidding foreigners to set up media outlets in the country when it joins the World Trade Organization (WTO).>>

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  • antfreRussia and foreign media oulets
    17:51, 16/11/2011
    Well done. Don't make the mistakes America did allowing Univision stablish a mexican media outlet that works against the interest of its host country
  • p2o2rianLesser of two evils
    19:17, 16/11/2011
    Any country with a social and economic problems is a weak country.

    Both Russian Federation and the U.S. are "sick" countries now.

    With the U.S. pushing for ONE POLAR world for the USraeli masters and using every possible weapon.

    Also with media outlets as "info nukes", to destroy prospective enemy (here Russia) from within.

    The problem is what will Russia choose in the future when USraeli Empire are defeated - "everything what is not forbidden is allowed" or "everything what is not allowed is forbidden" attitude.

  • arnoldvinette@yahoo.comVery important to keep control of Russian news outlets
    21:03, 16/11/2011
    I agree 100% with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and the Russian Government. No foreign media news outlets in Russia.

    I live in Canada where the central United States government controls the press releases for North America. This is a very easy form of mind control and persuassion. And it is at work everyday 24 hours a day to shape the opinions that US Citizens and Canadians have of events going on around the world.

    Control of the mass media is the control of the people's opinions in Russia. Therefore Russia MUST NOT let foreign media outlets in.

    It is really all about national security.
    • dreamcoreI'm a little confused.
      20:11, 20/11/2011
      Are you suggesting that the Russians and the Canadians minds are so weak that they cannot critically evaluate opinions that are clearly from a foreign source?

      By that token, would the United States be better off boxing up RT and sending them home? Are American minds stronger than Russian or Canadian minds? Is it the role of the government to "control the people's opinions"?

      Just about every point you make is embarrassing.

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