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Kremlin suggests WikiLeaks founder for Nobel Prize

Topic: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange case

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
15:36 08/12/2010

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange should be nominated for a Nobel prize, a source in the Kremlin told RIA Novosti on Wednesday.

"Non-governmental and governmental organizations should think of ways to help him. Perhaps he could be awarded a Nobel prize," the source said.

The founder of the controversial whistleblowing website was arrested in London on Tuesday. He was wanted by Sweden on sex assault charges.

An arrest warrant for Assange was issued by Swedish prosecutors last week just days after his website published the first batch of over 250,000 confidential U.S. diplomatic cables.

World leaders and diplomats have downplayed the impact of the information leak on international relations but many have questioned the benefit of the project, alleging that some of the leaks could "threaten lives."

The 39-year-old Australian currently tops an online poll for Time Person of the Year. The choice will be made by the editors next Wednesday.

BRUSSELS, December 8 (RIA Novosti)

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RIA NovostiWikiLeaks founder Julian Assange Kremlin suggests WikiLeaks founder for Nobel Prize

15:36 08/12/2010 WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange should be nominated for a Nobel prize, a source in the Kremlin told RIA Novosti on Wednesday.>>

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  • arnoldvinette@yahoo.comWhat the WikiLeaks leader has done is both good and bad
    21:00, 08/12/2010
    I am glad to hear that the Russian Government has suggested that the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange be submitted for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    I am glad because what Julian Assange has done is reveal deep American Government secrets that could have revealed hostile American intentions around the world.

    Countries around the world know how arrogant the United States is and now they have it in written proof.

    However are other countries any different?

    When it comes to countries and politicians they are always looking out for number 1, themselves.

    Stealing the information from the American Government was bad.

    However looking at this from the perspective of World War II, if documents relating to Hitler's plans for NAZI Germany to invade the world would we have all been a lot better off knowing this.

    If the world had know that Stalin and Hitler would start World War II by invading and splitting up Poland in advance would it have made a difference to stop the beginning of World War II.

    What Julian Assange did with WikiLeaks was both wrong and right at the same time.

    Now countries around the world know how they stand against the United States with regards to real relationships.

    That said many of us will say things privately that we do not want others to hear. Do Governments also have this protection of privacy when it comes to worldwide political communications?

    This is a very difficult question to answer if wars of aggression are being planned.

    The more advanced information the better.

    So has Julian Assange crossed the line with regards to the greater international good.

    What happened to the United States can happen to any country today.

    I would like to recommend Julian Assange for the Nobel Peace Prize as well knowing the greater good that he was trying to accomplish. At the same time I am reluctant because Julian Assange broke the law in doing what he did. This is a really tricky call.

    However one cannot get the information without breaking the law. In the end if better transparency has been accomplished, then Julian Assange has done his job. And this he has succeeded at.

    Country leaders and politicians will be much more careful in the future with regards to their conduct with regards to what goes into emails and internal correspondence. What has been revealed in the United States internal communication is a degradation of many world leaders and other countries.

    This is completely unacceptable professional conduct at such a high level of office.

    However from what it sounds like, this is normal around the world.

    So I agree with trepidation that Julian Assange should be nominated for the Nobel Peace prize for his efforts to fully expose the American governments activities as it pertains to other countries and their leaders around the world, as one of the world's super powers. As a world super power the United States is held to a certain level of professional conduct, which it has definitely breached.

    Arnold Vinette
    Ottawa, Canada
    • bielecThis stick has two ends
      06:56, 09/12/2010
      Arnold, your questions are good but your concerns are flowed. "Stealing" can be good or bad. In this case it was good.

      Breaking the Nazi Enigma code during WWII had also led to "stealing" German secret communications, yet we celebrate it, today. Concerns about lives of American soldiers, politicians and collaborators being endangered because of Wiki leaks is just like concerns about German soldiers who were killed as a result of breaking the Enigma.

      Exposing criminal policies and immoral or illegal government's actions is not criminal. Exposing illegal war plans is not criminal.

      However, I would like to see some critical thinking done on some of the "leaked" documents that consistently present Iran as "the greatest threat" to moderate Arab countries and tho the peace in the Middle East, and therefore promote Israeli-American war mongering.
    • suhailKremlin's choice is very apt!
      09:11, 09/12/2010
      Wikileaks's Assange has done what others have feared to do.He is very correct in throwing light on the dark secret dirty works and words of USA.Julian Assange has tried to awaken the countries and tried make them realise the kind of dirty and criminal friend USA is.USA was founded on lovely and respectable principles.But certain leaders and a section of its jewish community blinded USA and led it to commit horrendous crimes against humanity.When I say they blinded USA,I mean that these people with obnoxious intentions coated their intentions with sweet words like 'legionnaire','liberation from dictatorships','progress' and 'democracy.'And since the US public loves these words madly,it believed the words of these scoundrels and unwittingly aided its govt in the murder of millions of civilians in Iraq,Afghanistan,Sudan,Somalia and a host of other countries.Nobody can be allowed to continue murdering people.So it is time for all of us to drum up support for Julian Assange and stop NATO in its tracks.Kremlin has very rightly recommended Julian Assange for the Nobel Peace Prize.Obama made a mockery of this Prize by having it awarded for himself.

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