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Putin puts out two wildfires in central Russia (update 1)

Putin puts out two wildfires in central Russia
17:57 10/08/2010

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Tuesday took part in extinguishing forest fires in Ryazan Province on board an amphibious firefighting airplane.

The Russian head of government was the co-pilot for half an hour aboard a Be-200 plane scooping up water from the nearby Oka River and dumping it on raging forest fires some 200 kilometers southeast of Moscow.

He dumped approximately 12 tons of water on each of two fires, extinguishing both completely.

Putin initially sat in the cabin in front of a thermal imaging monitor together with Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Shoigu and Ryazan Governor Oleg Kovalev.

However, shortly after takeoff Putin suddenly entered the cockpit and sat in the co-pilot's seat.

He received a quick briefing from Emergency Situations Ministry aviation chief Rafail Zakirov.

It took the Be-200 a mere 11 seconds to fill up its water tanks.

During the flight, Putin observed the operation of another Be-200 that was also dousing fires from a minimum height.

He also spotted a fresh steppe fire in dangerous proximity to two villages.

Governor Kovalev, still airborne, immediately issued instructions to the local authorities to take measures to extinguish it.

Putin's stunt comes as polls show waning public support for Russia's president and prime minister.

Respected Russian sociologist Leonty Byzov told Vedomosti business daily Putin and Medvedev's ratings could drop to 40% in the next six months. He said there was a growing fatigue surrounding Putin's popularity and that if the government's poor response to the wildfire crisis is taken into account, the two leaders' ratings would decrease dramatically.

Wildfires, sparked by weeks of abnormally high temperatures in central Russia, have severely damaged the Russian economy, with the estimated short-term loss of $15 billion.

RYAZAN, August 10 (RIA Novosti) 

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RIA NovostiPutin puts out two wildfires in central RussiaPutin puts out two wildfires in central Russia (update 1)

17:57 10/08/2010 Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Tuesday took part in extinguishing forest fires in Ryazan Province on board an amphibious firefighting airplane.>>

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  • monoblast(no title)
    22:23, 10/08/2010
    you see, a lot of people wonder why Mr Putin is beloved for the most part in his own country, western leaders should take notice, the man gets in a plane and helps put out the wildfires. He is a man of action, western leaders should take notice.
  • FractalSoulLong Live Putin
    23:37, 10/08/2010
    As a Greek Canadian, I have admired Mr. Putin for all his hard efforts bringing back Russia from the ashes the western influenced Russian Leaders had left it. Long live Byzantium, and Orthodoxia, and may the Greek gov learn of his humility, and practice it, not fall into the hands of the Vatican puppets.
    If this world had more examples like Mr. Vladimir Putin the world would be a safer place. God Strength!
  • cardineau(no title)
    02:00, 11/08/2010
    I like what I know of Mr Putin. He is a no nonsense type of man and seems to practice what he preaches. I hope he has a long and fruitful life. I don't give that blessing to many of the worlds leaders.
  • TheFinnAre you serious?
    10:42, 11/08/2010
    The articles about Putin's heroic achievements start to sound more and more like news from North Korea.

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