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60,000 people commit suicide in Russia annually

16:39 04/10/2006
MOSCOW, October 4 (RIA Novosti) - As many as 60,000 people commit suicide in Russia annually, a senior Russian psychiatrist said Wednesday.

"There have been an average 60,000 suicides in Russia every year over the last 12 years, and all of them could have been stopped," Tatyana Dmitriyeva, director of the Serbsky Social and Forensic Psychiatry Research Center, told a news conference ahead of World Mental Health Day, October 10.

She said that although about 20% of suicides are mentally ill, there are moments in human life when a person is prone to take the final step in a certain state of mind.

"We cannot say that [Soviet-era poets] Mayakovsky, Yesenin and Tsvetayeva were mentally ill, can we?" she said.

Ironically, the Serbsky institute was once notorious for its use of psychiatry against dissidents, diagnosing those who spoke out against the Soviet system as mentally ill.

Worldwide, Dmitriyeva said, Russia ranks second after Lithuania in the number of suicides. "The figure is 34.9 people per 100,000."

She said people aged 45-55 and teenagers were the groups at greatest risk, and that the Koryak Autonomous Area in the Far East, the Komi Republic in northeastern European Russia and Udmurtia in the Volga region topped the list of suicide regions. She said suicide was rare in the Caucasus.

The expert attributes such regional diversification to religious reasons. "The Orthodox Church does not have a deep influence in the republics of Komi, Mari El and Udmurtia [with a large Ugro-Finnic population], where pagan beliefs have persisted and crossing the threshold between life and death is considered a proud and brave act," Dmitriyeva said.

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  • arnoldvinette@yahoo.comChanging attitudes with regards to suicide - anywhere
    07:18, 09/02/2012
    One of the first steps in dealing with people who may want to escape their problems by commiting suicide is to educate them that suicide is NOT an escape from their problems.

    Its actually worse because they will have to relive their lives and everything they've gone through up to the point where they committed suicide.

    Such is the knowledge that is coming out from people who have attempted suicide, had a near death experience and then recovered to talk about it.

    It is now becoming more and more evident that the human consciousness is seperate from the human body and that when the human body dies the spirit is released to be reborn again in a new body.

    However there are some conditions that apply. Suicide is NOT a way out of your problems. Each life has its challenges and rewards. The purpose of each life is to learn something and make a positive contribution to humanity.

    If someone cannot deal with their problems and commits suicide then that spirit will have to repeat that life over and over again until they finally figure out how to deal with the problem successfully.

    These are the stories that are coming back from people that have attempted suicide and failed. Suicide is NOT a way out.

    An interesting web site on Near Death Experiences.


    And a story from a neurosurgeon who unexpectedly died and then was brought back to life.


    720,000 lives lost in Russia in the last 12 years is a lot of people. Better education about how life works may reduce this number.

    However it is tough with kids who do not have a fully developed frontal cortex and may make rash decisions on the spur of the moment and mentally ill people who are not thinking logically anyway.

    Nerver-the-less it doesn't hurt to educate the population with regards to how the human spirit works in relationship to its human body. It can't hurt with 60,000 people dying from suicide every year, lets put it that way.

    Arnold Vinette
    Ottawa, Canada

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