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Khodorkovsky notifies Election Commission of his ambitions

18:57 07/09/2005

MOSCOW, September 7 (RIA Novosti) - Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the former head of the embattled Yukos oil company, sent notification to the district election commission about his plans to run in elections for the Moscow legislature for the 201st University district, Khodorkovsky's lawyer Anton Drel said Wednesday.

"The notification came through the special unit of the pre-detention center," Drel said before adding that Khodorkovsky's application was enclosed.

Earlier, Alexander Veshnyakov, the head of the Central Election Commission, said Khodorkovsky had the legal right to run in the elections, as his sentence had not come into force yet.

"According to the constitution, any citizen has the right to run in the election and be elected, unless he/she is in jail on a court ruling or found mentally incapable by a court," Veshnyakov said.

He said people kept in custody and awaiting a court decision can run in elections and cast their vote.

The court sentenced Khodorkovsky to nine years in jail, but the sentence was appealed and will be considered on September 14.

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