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16:59 10/05/2005

MOSCOW, May 10 (RIA Novosti) - Speaking at a news conference following the Russia-European Union summit that concluded in Moscow today, Russian President Vladimir Putin said "creating a common, integral security space will allow to conduct an effective struggle against terrorist aggression and various forms of xenophobia and racial intolerance."

Russia and the EU adopted the "roadmaps," or plans of action to create the four common spaces, i.e. economics; freedom, security, and justice; external security; and research, education, and culture, which Putin said was the Moscow summit's main outcome.

The roadmaps are "a solution to security issues, including external security, and to the problem of ensuring freedom and the rule of law," said the president.

Putin said implementing the roadmaps would help achieve progress in building a united Europe with no borderlines and ensure conditions for free interpersonal communication.

"The summit showed that Russia and the European Union are able to find mutually acceptable solutions to the most complicated problems if they have a political will to do so," said the president.

"I believe our European colleagues will agree with that," he added.

Putin said they intended to launch an intensive dialogue at an expert level on the 2007 problem, i.e. when the European Constitution would come into effect, the 10-year Russia-EU cooperation and partnership treaty expired, and more members would join the EU.

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