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Russian Press at a Glance, Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Russian Press at a Glance, Wednesday, October 24, 2012
09:10 24/10/2012
A brief look at what is in the Russian papers today
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US President Barack Obama won the final round of election debates with his rival Mitt Romney, but the two candidates’ ratings are still nearly equal.


UN representatives speak of a possibility to deploy an international peacekeeping contingent in Syria. The idea has been labeled useless by many experts.

(Rossiiskaya Gazeta)


Finland’s Nokia will issue convertible bonds worth 750 million euros ($979 million). This may help the troubled company to pay its debts.


Rosneft’s acquisition of TNK-BP has reportedly made Viktor Vekselberg Russia’s wealthiest man and gives the state back control of the oil industry that has been largely in private hands since the privatizations in the 1990s.

(The Moscow Times)

Russia is getting ready for energy challenges of the future. Demand for energy is on a constant rise. Experts forecast that consumption will double by 2050, but that the energy industry will remain 70-percent oil- and gas-based.

(Rossiiskaya Gazeta)


Russian nationals are discontent with the current authorities, but it is impossible to change power through legitimate elections, the Strategic Developments Center said. The decline in protest activity is temporary.


Vadim Tyulpanov, a member of the Federation Council from St. Petersburg, suggested that city governor Georgy Poltavchenko apologize to its residents for recent criticism of their behavior. Poltavchenko dismissed the suggestion.


Well-known opposition figures like anti-corruption blogger Alexei Navalny and former chess champion Garry Kasparov joined lower-profile personalities like former Kremlin G8 sherpa Andrei Illarionov and political analyst Andrei Piontkovsky in a new 45-member “shadow government,” according to election results.

(The Moscow Times)

The authorities are cracking down on legislation regarding mass media. Sergei Zheleznyak, a deputy State Duma speaker from the ruling United Russia party, proposes toughening punishment for obscene language in media.


A new portal for migrants has come online in Russia. It will unite websites in different Russian regional and CIS languages.

(Rossiiskaya Gazeta)


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RIA NovostiRussian Press at a Glance, Wednesday, October 24, 2012 Russian Press at a Glance, Wednesday, October 24, 2012

09:10 24/10/2012 A brief look at what is in the Russian papers today>>

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