25/10/2014 4:50

Russia's Modern Military Hardware in Victory Day Parade

What is multiscript?

Multiscript - is a new format of presenting information, which makes it easier to navigate between lengthy video materials. This service allows you to choose the necessary fragment quickly and accurately.

How does it work?

Multiscript comprises three blocks: The video player (1), the text Transcript (2) and the Contents menu (3).
To start the video, you click the “Play” button in the video player (4).

There are three ways of selecting the specific fragment of interest;
- by using the cursor under the Player (5)
- by clicking on the fragment in the Transcript block (6);
- by clicking on the topic headline in the Contents block (7).

All three blocks are synchronized. So as you watch a video fragment, the corresponding text in the Transcript block and topic headline in the Contents block are displayed.

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