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Iran Test Fires Short-Range Missiles

Iran Test Fires Short-Range Missiles
22:52 14/03/2013
Tags: Nazeat 10, Fajr-5, Iran

MOSCOW, March 14 (RIA Novosti) - Iran’s Ground Forces successfully test-fired two short-range missiles during a military exercise in the central city of Kashan on Thursday, Press TV reported.

The Nazeat 10 and Fajr 5 missiles effectively engaged designated targets in an exercise aimed at “enhancing the defensive capabilities of the forces’ rocket-launching and missile units,” the agency said.

The Fajr 5 is a 333-mm surface-to-surface artillery rocket with a range of 75 kilometers.

The Nazeat 10 is a middle-range ballistic missile with a range of about 100 kilometers.

Iran’s Army previously staged a three-day drill, codenamed Khatam al-Anbia, in the southwestern Khuzestan Province on March 9.


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RIA NovostiIran Test Fires Short-Range MissilesIran Test Fires Short-Range Missiles

22:52 14/03/2013 Iran’s Ground Forces successfully test-fired two short-range missiles during a military exercise in the central city of Kashan on Thursday, Press TV reported.>>

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  • Iranian ExpatWonder Why
    02:40, 16/03/2013
    I wonder why Iran is the only country that continues to report every missile launch but never a related video or photograph. They are always "file" photos or videos.

    I wonder why Iran's video broadcast of missile launches seem to be taken by armatures. They always miss the trajectory and shake, struggling to follow the missile.

    As an Iranian, although proud of my country's achievements, it is embarrassing to witness these blunders, as well as having to listen to 10 minutes of recitation and chest beatings before any launch.
    • arsanlupinSorry, Iranian Expat, that you have been “moistened” …
      06:48, 16/03/2013
      … by the moldy old fart who cannot say anything without calling everyone around him ‘fascist’. Obviously he doesn’t know what it means. He calls everyone who doesn’t agree with his twisted, diseased, delusional view of 21st century Earth (i.e. almost everyone else on the planet) a fascist. Another example that a person’s intelligence is inversely proportional to how much spurious name-calling they do. Moist’s IQ is “room-temperature IQ”. Celsius scale. In the winter. With the front door open. In Oymyakon.

      Sadly, there are some pitiful excuses for humanity who think everyone MUST hate & despise everything from the West in general or the USA in particular. All must show unwavering devotion to all who show implacable and mindless hatred to the aforementioned bogeymen. Anyone who dares question such “bastions of The Revolution” must be drawn and quartered, burned at the stake, and buggered by 72 hogs – not necessarily in that order. Whenever possible, this moldy excuse for humanity chooses to castigate, flagellate, and vilify anyone who doesn’t fully subscribe to his psychotic and virulently hateful rantings.

      Sorry …

      I admit I disagree with some things Iran’s government has done, and my government disagrees even more. No surprise there, even Russia and China voted for the most recent sanctions. A country quickly makes itself an international pariah when it shows no respect for diplomatic immunity, and permits and/or assists in multiple attacks against multiple embassies. Dumb – very, very dumb!

      But I feel Iran does have the right to have peaceful nuclear electric generators, and I feel that Iran has the right to defend itself. Most of all I feel that you have a right to voice your reasoned opinion and to ask sincere questions without being subject to ridicule, abuse, and venom from some ranting troll who probably lives in The West himself – such hypocrisy would suit his behavior …

      Just my 2 kopeks ….
    • moist"I wonder why Iran is ..."
      03:39, 16/03/2013
      bla bla etc. I help you with that.

      It´s because you are a royalist fascist expat detached from a country and a culture that only exist in you and your fascist friends minds. (For Americans, think Cuba or Venezuela and Cuban Venezuelan fascist Miami exiles. A little, very murderous but loud group of rich retards) You are the 1% of urban parasite brats in a country where the other 99% honest Iranians never reach the western corporate media because they never had any intention to do so. So go back to your Malibu beach and forget it already. You have never been and will never be an Iranian.
      • Iranian ExpatRoyalist, Not By A Long Shot
        08:12, 16/03/2013
        Good to see such zeal in a fellow Iranian, though short-sighted and quick to judge without knowing who he is talking to.

        I can guess from your post you are an expat yourself thus familiar with the traitors (Royalists) living in California, as well as the Cuban traitors living in southern Florida (not just Miami).

        I, however, stand by my comments and still embarrassed by Dahatis (men from Iranian villages without understandings of social protocols or use of under arm deodorant), and their never ending recitation of verses before every launch.

        I deal with these dahatis when I visit Iran every time and hold my breath of their BO. If you are one of them, then no offense.

        If there is an incoming missile requiring quick response from Iranian military, we are doomed because by the time the verses are recited the missile has struck.

        Furthermore, a look at any footage from Iran, any footage, will show the amateurish filming of every single one.

        Incidentally, I don't live in the US.

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