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New Arms Program to Change Russia by 2020 - Rogozin

New Arms Program to Change Russia by 2020 - Rogozin
18:13 23/02/2013
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KRASNOGORSK, February 23 (RIA Novosti) – Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said the implementation of Russia's ambitious arms procurement program will bring drastic changes to the country by 2020.

“By 2020, the moment of the weapons program implementation, we will be living in a quite another country…In the country, which will surely get off the oil and gas needle, in the country which will have new modern plants, in the country, where the cult of an engineer and constructor will be created,” Rogozin, who is in charge of the defense industry, said.

“We will turn the tide, this will be an industrial power,” Rogozin said on Saturday at a meeting of Russian patriotic organizations in Krasnogork, in the Moscow Region, marking the holiday, known as Defender of the Fatherland Day.

Russia's ambitious 2011-2020 arms procurement program stipulates the upgrade of up to 11 percent of military equipment annually and will allow the country to increase the share of modern weaponry in the Armed Forces to 70 percent by 2020.

Russia allocated about 908 billion rubles (about $30.7 bln) on state defense order spending in 2012.The sharp increase in spending was necessary to boost R&D and put new weaponry into mass production, Rogozin said last December.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who attended a concert marking Defender of the Fatherland Day, said: “Ensuring Russia’s reliable defense capacity is a priority of our national policy… Bringing drastic changes to the military sphere is a difficult and complicated process but it is long overdue. Postponing it means putting the country’s security under threat.”


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RIA NovostiNew Arms Program to Change Russia by 2020 - RogozinNew Arms Program to Change Russia by 2020 - Rogozin

18:13 23/02/2013 Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said the implementation of Russia's ambitious arms procurement program will bring drastic changes to the country by 2020.>>

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  • ruypenalvaThis is absolutely necessary
    18:55, 23/02/2013
    This is absolutely necessary cause weapon programs create several technologies in any field. But Russia needs to create facilities able to transform high technology projects into reality.
  • flyer19999new arms program
    21:23, 24/02/2013
    Since Russia is not under any sanctions they should buy some western military equipment if for no other reason than steal technology. The USA buys Russian equipment from other countries to exploit.
    • tec123Cheers.
      13:52, 25/02/2013
      Ride on do it!
      • tec123In the right direction..
        15:05, 25/02/2013
        Hi all I believe we can make a difference here if we keep it objectively within the scope of the context at hand and not get to personal.
        Now it is up to the Government to listen to us from the outside we all agree on some points and whiles not 100% at least we agree on some points.
        • We all know Russia foreign policy is weak and needs a make over and I can see Putin is going in that direction also he is showing leadership by not having the Duma get to emotional in their response.

        • Russia has to get out of the agreements that tie their hands on foreign policies decisions, decision that if made can thrown back in Russia’s face.

        • Military issues Russia cannot as we say back home “ play mas and be afraid of the powder” there can be no victories in Russia foreign policy without the use of the military be it direct involvement, behind the scene, or military assistance. Soft power alone is not enough. Most of the negative comments generated about Russia is propaganda and I guess we all know who owns the media houses that do so.

        • I would be tempted to say that Russia and most of us here knows very well where this is all heading right back to Russia and how? May be if Syria falls then Iran then there is no more strategic importance for the KSA and Qatar so here we goes 360 degrees around back to the two “ Listen guys you all don’t have any democracy one family cannot rule for so long” And the rest is history. Then down comes the oil prices, Russia is force to use up its foreign reserves, the economy starts to heats up, people start to get weary of things they comes into the streets, Russia back is on the ropes, people with families in the military high up the command structure starts to influence their minds to switch sides, the military starts to lose focus, then the Caucasus starts up again the rest is history.

        • Corruption its moving in the right direction moreover we are seeing that some have their business interest more of a priority that there job of serving their country and people, such is the case they will resign rather keep their Duma seats to keep their riches which is quite questionable as to how they became of it in the first place? And this is the paradox the President finds himself in because none shall be saved and all will be counted which brings into focus the burning question, what will be the punishments and how serious is the government about brining corruption under control? “ so to speak”

        • The civilian and military industries there are some inside Russia who don’t give a shit about anyone so as long they make their dirty money at the expense of the country and its working class. Most if not all of there comments about the industries is hell bent of sowing discord within the system which can lead to foreign hardware, and of course a lot of shady businesses can just spring up to capitalise on the inflow of foreign made aircrafts and military hardware thru the middle men. I believe the government will see thru this and make sure such does not happen because Russia has the brains and know how all that is needed is a sound working attitude and work ethics and I am sure the government will lend a helping hand which they are already doing.

        • We all sincerely hope with the new head of the military he will bring things under control and of course he cannot do it alone so his choice of men and women in which he has to delegate too must have the highest standard and professional conduct.
        • Adoption I agree with Russia stance they should not sell their children to foreigners; however the authorities must make provision for the care of Russian children who do not have the parental care a top priority.

        Finial Russians has to start asking what they can do for their country not what their country can do for them, bring there money back home invest in the military industries and civilian airplane makers and other things that can strengthen Russia. Not force citizens to bank their money at home whiles the law makers are banking their aboard this must change.
        Reply | Comments: 1Expand branch
      • jozzyozArmament Budget Is Very Realistic
        14:17, 25/02/2013
        `Postponing it means putting the country’s security under threat.' Could not be better said - a very realistic budget considering the last years of shrinkage!

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