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Putin Criticizes NATO as Cold War Throwback

Russian President Vladimir Putin
17:12 05/10/2012
DUSHANBE, October 5 (RIA Novosti)
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Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday described NATO as a throwback to the Cold War era and said it should be transformed into a political organization as soon as possible.

“It is incomprehensible why it’s still around,” Putin said, adding that Russia would like NATO to stay within the bounds of its statutory activity and not strive for global status.

Russia has been and will continue to be concerned by NATO expansion, Putin said.

“Talk is one thing, but the deployment of some attack systems or missile defense systems near our borders is quite a different matter,” he said.

“This poses genuine threats to our territory. Needless to say, in that case we will have to build our defense policy accordingly so as to neutralize these threats.”


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RIA NovostiRussian President Vladimir PutinPutin Criticizes NATO as Cold War Throwback

17:12 05/10/2012 Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday described NATO as a throwback to the Cold War era and said it should be transformed into a political organization as soon as possible.>>

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  • moistJust redicolous...
    18:15, 05/10/2012
    ..how the western fascist neo-liberal regimes keeps bleeding money on something that will prove to be a futile waste of tax money in the end. Russia will destroy their missiles with Iskanders and build, in fact they already have, missiles who can evade whatever they can come up with...
    • arsanlupinSay what???
      20:43, 05/10/2012
      Since fascism is by definition an ultra-conservative ultra-nationalist totalitarian form of government, by calling The West “fascist neo-liberals” you are in effect calling them “conservative liberals” – a nonsense expression. But then again you seem to think that democracies like Western Europe and USA are oppressive, and dictatorships like Belarus and Syria and Libya and of course Russia are progressive, so logic and reason is something none of us should expect from you.

      Congratulations! You've managed to prove you are as incompetent in use of the English language as you are in understanding political reality.
      Reply | Comments: 2Expand branch
      • mrgenieEhm, you visited Amsterdam?
        22:43, 05/10/2012
        Looks to me as if you smoked a bit too much of weed.
        Reply | Comments: 6Expand branch
      • Iranian ExpatHey, Jew
        11:31, 06/10/2012
        The fact that this ignorant poster brings Iran into this bickering is indicative of his Israeli connection.

        Whatever one chooses to call the West and Israel is irrelevant of the fact that Europe is a collection of pathetic subservient nations bowing to their Jewish and American masters; who are now poking the Russian Bear, not realizing the consequence would be to Europe's detriment while their American and Israeli masters watch from the sidelines.

        The US is a nation of superstitious and self-righteous idiots blinded by false glory and ignorance, and unaware that they are paying the salaries of all the useless inhabitants of Israel.

        As for Israel where do I begin. A country built on the dead bodies of tens of thousands of mothers and children in the most cowardice act in human history, and now occupied by feral sub-humans grown on a cocktail of self-importance and false history.

        A bunch of backward animalistic marauders who represent everything that is wrong with humanity. Which, as we know, includes inbreeding. There is a good reason the previous poster has suggested our Jewish Troll to go kiss his mother, or sister.

        Although the Iranian president did not say such thing, but if Israel is wiped off the map humanity will breath a sigh of relief.
        • arsanlupinTypical troll
          15:42, 06/10/2012
          ... with the manners and the habits of a pig - but without it's intelligence. It can't even fathom that there would be people - like most of the planet - who discuss facts that are detrimental to Iran's foreign policy, but who aren't Jewish. Such a depth of ignorance can only be found in such a pig pen as Iran.

          Israel is in fact irrelevant to the issue of European missile defense - because it isn't in Europe!

          Perhaps you should get a brain transplant from a pig - it would improve your IQ dramatically! Although I doubt anything can help your poor English grammar ...
          Reply | Comments: 4Expand branch
        • mishkaSad as much as fall.
          13:42, 06/10/2012
          The current circumstance in global policy is so sadden. If do I feel so just b ecause of the season? The future of humankind seems to me too desperate. It s like a science fiction horror movie. But it has come true already. It has eventuated already. An evil imperial has established and captured all the nations of world. It s infinitive powerfull. Nothing and nobody can prevent it. People are totally under control like it was in the famous novel 1984. That imperial is based on lies, capital and brutal power. Feelings and minds of all the people in the world are controlled by the administation of the imperial.

          Unfortunatelly all of these already exist today. The NATO behaves like a gang. It has had a endless power threats all the world. Russia, China or nothing else has a power can counter it's military capacity. So they make the rules and manage the world and expect the humankind to obey them only by raw military power. They dare to identify rights and wrongs unilaterally. No matter what do 6 bilion people feels and thinks on topics. All the globe have to accept and obey NATO's rules and decisions like captives. So the imperial has estblished by the falling of Soviet Union. And it never respects opinions and feelings of ordinary people in a country.
          Mass media and even social media is used like a lie generator. Some American and Basra Gulf capitaled TV channels generate amazing lies and they refer each other to repeat that lie. Facebook has achieve 1 billion users recently but nobody knows how much of them are real people and how much are just virtual fake users created with commercial or political aims. A team is employed in a state department can produce and manage thousands of facebook accounts to manupulate people.

          I am acitizen of a NATO member state Turkey. And I ashame my county's policies and roles in Syrian crisis. This is a very dirty war based on lies. Poor Assad is trying to protect his country from those multinational terrorists desperately. I feel shame on behalf on my imperialist inclined goverment to cause to boost Syrian people to suffer more and more by supporting terrorists.

          Why NATO is in a cooperation in this cruel game? Because of immorality or stupidness?
          • arsanlupinOh such pitiful moaning ...and such awful grammar!
            15:51, 06/10/2012
            NATO is a confederation of 28 democratic states with a total population of almost one billion, united in mutual defense against any outside aggression. On average, NATO membership is supported by more than 87% of the population of those states – including Turkey. If it is so awful an alliance as you say it is, why then did almost every former member of the Warsaw Pact volunteer to join NATO? Why are some former members of the Soviet Union declaring interest in joining NATO? Perhaps they are sick of being bullied by Russia?

            I find it amusing that only Assad himself and a few NATO-bashers continue to insist Assad is fighting international terrorists. The entire rest of the planet (yes, all 6 billion of us) know the rebels are in fact Syrian citizens enraged by Assad’s military responding to peaceful protests of his brutality with automatic weapons and artillery. Why else do you think almost 20% of his military has defected to the rebels? Because they too are sickened with the idea that the military is slaughtering the very people it exists to defend. That’s why the Arab League – NOT NATO – has been sending weapons to the rebels. NATO is staying out of this one – permitting Assad’s fellow Arabs deal with him in their own way. Anyone so vile as to defend such slaughter deserves the same fate themselves. If you’re so self-righteous about Assad’s holy cause, why don’t you go join his army and help slaughter Syrian women and children?

            As the Americans are so fond of saying: "Put your money where your mouth is!"
            Reply | Comments: 10Expand branch
          • mishkaOpinions of a western columnist.
            23:45, 06/10/2012
            I would like to advice everybocy to read an article in the Telegraph by Con Coughlin about Turkey-Syria border. A possible NATO involving to the crisis has started to seems strange even to westerns.
          • lennybCold War craziness
            07:56, 15/09/2013
            Once again.. we see Russian insistence of being separate and dividing Russia from the rest of Europe. SIMPLE fix .. Putin join
            NATO .. afterall Russia (and even old USSR) is really European culture.. come home Russia.. Join NATO. Why leave all the say to the Yanks who are selling out to the Jewish money interests.

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