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Putin: Russia Ready to Respond to U.S. Missile Defense

Topic: U.S. missile shield in Europe

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks with personnel at a Russian air base
18:19 14/06/2012
KORENOVSK (Krasnodar Territory), June 14 (RIA Novosti)
Tags: missile defense, Vladimir Putin, Russia

Russia has every possibility to provide a proper response to the projected deployment of a U.S. missile shield in Europe, though Moscow would like to see the U.S. plans revised, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday.

“We should look forward and give response [to these plans] in a timely manner,” Putin told servicemen at a Russian air base.

“Of course, our partners should better not do this [implement their missile shield plans] as this move would drive our response,” he added.

The president stressed that regardless to the rhetoric western politicians use to describe the shield deployment plans, “this remains a part of the arms race.”

“We have every possibility to provide a proper response,” he said.

In liaison with this, Putin stressed the importance of timely implementation of state defense orders. “We must implement state defense orders strictly on time, with the necessary quality and at reasonable prices. If we do it, there will be no particular threat to us.”


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RIA NovostiRussian President Vladimir Putin speaks with personnel at a Russian air basePutin: Russia Ready to Respond to U.S. Missile Defense

18:19 14/06/2012 Russia has every possibility to provide a proper response to the projected deployment of a U.S. missile shield in Europe, though Moscow would like to see the U.S. plans revised, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday.>>

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  • SirkoAre Russians Simple or Naive???
    00:34, 15/06/2012
    The Americans have been trying to bury Russia since the Revolution and the Great Red Scare which turned out to be a Very Great Red Herring. Yet Russians continue talking about partners...
    • vladeemr@mail.rudeluded or maybe brain-dead
      06:57, 15/06/2012
      Is it the Russians that are camped out on America's doorstep or visa versa? I recall prior to 22/6/1941 the Soviet Union kept insisting the Germans were "partners", also.

      • lmRussia knows the West is applying soft power now because the West knows a military attack cannot be now untill their plans work.
        08:02, 15/06/2012
        And the oppositions inside Russia are looking to lend a helping hand, they are set on trouble, they are counting that if the law comes down on them they have the West and EU to back them up what a shame.
        Reply | Comments: 1Expand branch
      • mrgenieThe west can never compete with Russia
        02:10, 16/06/2012
        Russians are the supreme race. Russians are the richest. Russians are the smartest. Russia's army is 100 times stronger then the US/EU/CHina combined. Russians are simply the purification of Chamberlains "Supreme Race" everyone knows that even a Russian in jail is 1000 times better then an American who helps homeless children. Russian rich people donate all their money for welfare and not for private football clubs. Russia's president is not the richest Oligarch with a private saving of over 30Bn USD spread over more then 20 countries. Russia is the democracy and the roads in Moscow are the best and everyone is smiling in Russia and there is absolutely no hatred on the roads in Moscow.

        This is the world according to Mr. V. Putin. I'm afraid he's taring Russia down and ready to leave the ship once the water is rising too high.
        • SirkoNatural He Should Think That.
          19:40, 16/06/2012
          Strange that Putin's world reflects the opinions of the Roman historian Jordanes, who called the Slavs 'gens fortissima' for those who do not know Latin it means "the greatest race". He was referring of course to their numbers and ability to defend their ancestral lands. Here is where the Russians have failed over and over and over again and then some, some, through history. They have yet to loose a major invasion or conflagration, and history has provided many opportunities for them to loose, but as Putin says winning appears to be in their blood. However, they have lost every peace deal, from Alexander Ist's deal with Metternich the Austrian who asked that Russia pull out its troops from France, after the defeat of Napoleon, to Stalin's deal with the so-called western allies, to the deals and lip service "partners yada, yada" which are going on today. Russia have failed to act on the dreams of inspired Russians like Belinsky and the Pan Slavists, much to the delight of the west. Belinsky insisted over and again that Russia must consolidate all her Slavs brothers and that is the way to real safety and power, in numbers. Failure to consolidate these people of common ethnicity and languages as did the Great Khan with the Mongols left the weaker western and Balkan Slavs at the mercy of German and Ottoman and today at the mercy of the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization. They have been fragmented exploited, assimilated and to this day Russia has lived up to her 'STUPIDY' re a powerful foot hold in Europe through the consolidation of her Slav brothers. Gadzooks! She did nothing while the fascists dismembered Serbia and tore out its heart Kosovo to give to the Muslim Albanians. Gadzooks and then some...she has even permitted the dismemberment of the Russian people into the Russian Federation, the Ukraine, and Byelorus.. The enemy is at her gate. No, no it is at every one of Russia's gates.

          For example the greatest threat to Russia throughout history has been and still is the Catholic Pole which has been subverted by that Anti-Christ religion and for eon has been the lackey of Rome and the west. How many times has Russia crushed them and never finished the job. Poland exists today courtesy of the Red Army's sacrifice in the millions. If it was not for Russia the Nazis would have left one Pole alive to put in a Berlin museum. Hence at the very least they should have to give back East Prussia to Germany.

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