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Russia’s 3rd Su-35S fighter starts test flights

Sukhoi Su-35 multirole fighter
17:55 17/01/2012
MOSCOW, January 17 (RIA Novosti)
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Russia's Sukhoi aircraft manufacturer started test flights of its third series-produced Su-35S Flanker-E multirole fighter on Tuesday, the company said.

The aircraft took off from the Komsomolsk-on-Amur airfield in Russia's Far East, spending more than two hours in the air testing propulsion and control systems.

The Su-35 Flanker-E superiority fighter is powered by two 117S engines with thrust vectoring. It can effectively engage several air targets simultaneously using both guided and unguided missiles and weapon systems.

The aircraft has been touted as "4++ generation using fifth-generation technology."

After the tests are completed, the Su-35 will be transferred to the Russian Defense Ministry.


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RIA NovostiSukhoi Su-35 multirole fighterRussia’s 3rd Su-35S fighter starts test flights

17:55 17/01/2012 Russia's Sukhoi aircraft manufacturer started test flights of its third series-produced Su-35S Flanker-E multirole fighter on Tuesday, the company said.>>

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  • arnoldvinette@yahoo.comOld technology - UFO Time Slip Drive instructions
    21:03, 17/01/2012
    Tuesday January 17, 2012

    UFO Time Slip Drive

    Last night I went to bed thinking about a comment that I had written about UFO's and their ability to defy conventional wisdom by travelling above the speed of sound without breaking the sound barrier.

    UFO's are observed to travel at high velocity and change direction as if beyond capability.

    When I was 24 years old, I was very fortunate to witness a UFO in June 1986 travelling above the Ottawa River at about 5,000 feet towards the city of Ottawa at a very high rate of speed. Later on in 2010 I would determine the speed of the UFO to be 9x the speed of sound based on the fact that it covered a 4 mile distance in 2 seconds. Event happened on a Thursday or Friday in the late afternoon in June 1986.

    The presence of jet fighters are very rare in Ottawa, but at least once every two years one would fly over Queenswood Heights, Orleans where I lived from 10 years to 26 years of age. From experience I knew that jet fighters generated a lot of noise when they passed overhead.

    Standing at the top of the Queenswood Heights hill, overlooking the scenic Ottawa River and Gatineau, Quebec (intersection of Duford and Jamison Avenue) I was intrigued by a very high velocity object that suddenly came into view travelling East to West over the Ottawa River (5,000 feet estimate) headed up river towards the city of Ottawa 10 miles (15.6km) away.

    Upon seeing the high speed object cover 4 miles in 2 seconds, I immediately began listening intently for a sonic boom and any kind of engine noise. There was nothing, the object was completely silent and there was NO sonic boom. “Impossible,” I thought at the time.

    “How could an object travel so rapidly through the air and NOT make a sonic boom”, I wondered?

    The UFO was observed by four other students seconds later, who then contacted the Ottawa Citizen who wrote up a story the next day and printed it in the newspaper. I was thrilled to have seen the news story to learn that other people had witnessed what I had seen.

    I instantly became a UFO believer having witnessed my own event. Then my life moved on and I forgot about the incident.

    Throughout the next few years I would read about more UFO sightings and see video footage in 2006 shot from the US Space Shuttle showing a high velocity object travelling over Canada and the United States at a phenomenal rate of speed. The speed of the UFO was very similar to the one I had observed in 1986, twenty years earlier.

    Out of curiosity, in 2010 I would determine from Google Earth and Google Maps that the UFO I had observed in 1986 was travelling at 9x the speed of sound. I had the UFO in sight for a distance of 4 miles due to my elevated viewing angle on Queenswood Heights hill. The time for the UFO to travel this 4 miles was two seconds.

    The UFO is estimated to have been 1.76 to 2 miles away from where I stood on the Queenswood Heights hill to the middle of the Ottawa River. Estimate determined using Google Earth.

    The UFO was an aerodynamic cigar shape approximately 30m to 40m (1,000ft) in length.

    From my perspective the UFO was the width and thickness of the edge of a dime.

    If one were to stretch out their right arm, index finger pointed out and slowly draw your arm in arc from right to left this was the velocity of the UFO over the Ottawa River 1.76 to 2 miles away. Time in sight was 2 seconds. Distance covered 4 miles. Velocity 9x the speed of sound.

    Sonic boom – none.

    Engine noise – none.

    Disturbance of air around the object – none.

    If you have ever seen a fighter jet travelling at or above the speed of sound near the ground you can see the shock wave around the aircraft. The water vapour in the air condenses into droplets around the aircraft. It is very cool to see.

    So a UFO can move through a medium like air without displacing it.

    This then allows the UFO to move through air at above the speed of sound without making a sonic boom.

    In my case and others UFO's are observed to travel at 9x the speed of sound and faster without creating a sonic boom. Meaning the medium of air is NOT displaced when the UFO travels through it.

    The same effect has also been seen with UFO's travelling through the water.

    UFO's can travel at a high rate of speed through a medium without displacing the medium they are in.

    UFO's it then stands to reason, do not experience friction from air molecules like other aircraft.

    UFO's have also been observed making impossible manoeuvres in the air like abrupt jumps to the left and right of aircraft and fore and aft of aircraft.

    UFO's have also been observed making abrupt 90 degree turns above the speed of sound.


    If UFO's do not displace the medium they travel through then why are they so streamlined?

    Why are UFO's cigar shape? Why not a cube? Why be so aerodynamic?

    Another clue. Fighter jets engaging UFO's report a loss of their control surfaces and electronic instrumentation when they get too close.

    All of the above observations make sense if one considers that we live in Space-Time and the UFO is warping time around it.

    The UFO is streamlined because it is travelling through the medium of air.

    However it is travelling through the air VERY slowly from its perspective.

    The UFO is travelling in a bubble of accelerated time.

    The world outside of this time bubble is moving in slow motion.

    This explains the observation of UFO's travelling at high velocities through the medium of air and water without apparently displacing it. The time frame of the UFO relative to its surroundings is adjustable based on the time acceleration in the bubble surrounding the UFO.

    This explains how a UFO can suddenly accelerate away at an unbelievable speed.

    The UFO is NOT accelerating away. The observers time reference is being slowed down relative to that of the UFO.

    UFO's making abrupt 90 degree turns in flight can now be explained if one understands that the UFO is moving very slowly in its bubble of accelerated time. To the outside observer from their frame of slowed time the manoeuvres seem impossible. However from the perspective of the UFO inside the accelerated time bubble they are moving very slowly.

    Therefore a UFO can never create a sonic boom, because it is never close to breaking the speed of sound in its time reference.

    This can best be illustrated by running a movie through a projector at a much faster speed. The action in the film seems to be impossible based on known physical laws. The observer is experiencing a slower time reference to that of the film.

    The UFO appears to do amazing feats of aerodynamics and acceleration because it is accelerating time in its bubble.

    When jet fighters get to close to a UFO in flight they risk penetrating the accelerated time bubble surrounding the UFO.

    This is what causes a jet aircraft to loose flight control. The jet is moving from a normal time frame of 600mph to one of 60mph or slower. The fighter jet cannot stay in the air at the much slower speed.

    Moving through the accelerated time bubble no doubt causes avionics to behave in very strange ways, which has what has been observed in numerous military cases. Specifically that of the Iranian pilot in 1984.

    It is impossible for modern jet fighters to catch an aerodynamic UFO, because the UFO has the ability to accelerate time in the bubble that surrounds it. The greater the risk posed by the fighter jet, the more that time is accelerated in the UFO bubble to escape the threat.

    The UFO never changes its velocity. Only the time acceleration changes, relative to the outside world.

    The creation of a time accelerated bubble around the UFO may be tied to the gravitational drive that keeps it aloft in the air.

    It is important to remember now that the UFO is now moving slowly in accelerated time.

    This acceleration of time may also affect gravity allowing the craft to appear to be weightless.

    Arnold Vinette
    Ottawa, Canada

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