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Japan, U.S. start largest ever military drills amid Korean tensions

Topic: Relationships between two Koreas

07:42 03/12/2010

Japan and the United States launched on Friday their biggest ever joint military exercises amid tensions on the Korean peninsula, the Kyodo news agency said.

Around 34,000 Japanese military personnel with 40 warships and 250 aircraft joined more than 10,000 U.S. troops with 20 warships and 150 aircraft in the "Keen Sword" drills in the Sea of Japan, off Japan's southern island of Okinawa.

The agenda of the exercises, which will continue until December 10, include integrated air and missile defense, base security, close-air support, live-fire drills, maritime defense and search and rescue missions.

Washington and Tokyo have invited South Korean military to observe the drills as a sign of solidarity with Seoul in light of its recent military clash with Pyongyang.

North Korea's shelling of the South's Yeonpyeong Island in the Yellow Sea last Tuesday killed four people and led both sides threaten war.

On Wednesday, South Korea and the United States concluded four-day joint naval drills to the west of the Korean peninsula in a show of force to deter the North from launching further attacks across its disputed maritime border with the South.


TOKYO, December 3 (RIA Novosti)

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RIA NovostiJapan, U.S. start largest ever military drills amid Korean tensions

07:42 03/12/2010 Japan and the United States launched on Friday their biggest ever joint military exercises amid tensions on the Korean peninsula.>>

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  • suhailJapan is a.......
    09:07, 03/12/2010
    We know that Japan is a characterless,shameless and spineless nation!So why does it have prove this fact time and again by supporting USA?
  • arnoldvinette@yahoo.comUnited States to North Korea - Do as I say not as I do
    06:34, 07/12/2010
    I just read on Yahoo that the United States, Japan and South Korea want North Korea to STOP its provocative military actions.

    Uh huh...

    “Do as I say but not as I do” is the obvious message implied here.

    Is the leadership of the United States absolutely brain dead?

    I hate to be so blunt but this is exactly how it appears. Thank heavens for RIA Novosti and another look at what is going on. Western news is ALWAYS biased towards American military objectives as expressed by the White House. And this also controls the news that Canadians see.

    To be honest though war games are important so that countries can practice together for war just in case the real thing occurs. All countries practice their war games and Russia and North Korea are no different.

    However when it comes to the United States, Japan and South Korea, I just have to shake my head because I know something is up, I just do not have enough information to put all the pieces together.

    My question though is this?

    Why is the United States, Japan and South Korea so intent on trying to get North Korea to start a war.

    Does anyone win if North Korea suddenly goes on the defensive and attacks South Korea, Japan or the United States.

    What is the purpose off egging the North Koreans on.

    Does the United States want to get involved in a war with North Korea and China?

    Does the United States want to practice fighting a nuclear war with North Korea and China so that it can learn from the experience in order to attack a nuclear Iran and Russia?

    By deliberately engaging North Korea in a nuclear war the United States can test out some new nuclear weapons technology. North Korea has no strategic importance with regards to energy and so the United States could safely remove it from the map without affecting their energy supply.

    If North Korea is sufficiently destroyed in a multiple nuclear warhead attack by the United States then two objectives are made.

    1. The first is that South Korea can take control of North Korea again.

    2. North Korea's nuclear threat would be eliminated.

    3. Iran would be seriously worried by a nuclear attack from the United States and would give the United States all of their oil reserves for an affordable price. Better to make something from the oil by giving it to the United States rather than be obliterated off the map in a nuclear strike.

    4. Russia would likewise feel threatened by a nuclear strike from the United States and instead of risking all out war with the United States over their Caspian Basin oil, Russia would instead invite all of the American Oil companies in to develop the fields so that the American economy could buy it.

    America has so far REFUSED to sign the START Treaty and so both Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin know something is up.

    It just is not worth the risk to have a nuclear war with the United States as too many innocent Russian people and infrastructure would get destroyed needlessly. And with the Sochi 2014 Olympics coming up and the World Cup in 2018 Russia needs to stay out of a war for the next 8 years or so.

    The United States needs the oil and natural gas to keep their economy running past 2020.

    5. The United States knows that it is in very SERIOUS trouble energy wise and come 2020 the American way of life will be starting to come to and end. By 2030 the American way of life will end along with the oil age.

    However until then expect some very aggressive tactics by the United States to scare both Iran, Russian and Venezuela into giving them more oil and natural gas or else!

    The perfect way to do this is to engage North Korea in a war. Get North Korea to launch a nuclear attack on South Korea or Japan and then completely destroy North Korea with a nuclear barrage of multiple nuclear warheads showing the world just how advanced America is when it comes to nuclear weapons.

    6. North Korea has no strategic importance with regards to energy and so they can be safely destroyed by the United States military. And the radiation doesn't last that long from a nuclear strike. Just look at Japan. It has only been 65 years since Japanese cities were completely destroyed in a United States nuclear attack and they have bounced back just fine. And to boot Japan and the United States are best friends now.

    So this will be true with North Korea. The United States is well practiced around the world as the leading terrorist country in the name of freedom and democracy. Once North Korea is eliminated Iran, Venezuela, Russia and China will fall into place.

    The two halves of Korea will be reunited and the United States will get its oil and natural gas.

    Being a dominant bully does have its advantages to get want you want.

    7. Why will China not intervene? China has no reason to have its own infrastructure destroyed on the account of North Korea. The United States is still an important customer for China's factories. So China will do nothing as long as the United States only destroys North Korea.

    Arnold Vinette
    Ottawa, Canada

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