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Lou Coatney

09:37 16/01/2007

In Election 2006, we Americans served notice on our Bush\Cheney militarists that we have run out of patience with their aggressive incompetence and unlistening arrogance. However, Iran is itself becoming actively aggressive against us -- and not just as a counterthreat.  Forging alliances against our country and people in the Western Hemisphere -- Ahmadinejad was at the inauguration and return to power of Sandinista Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua -- is not the act of an "innocent."

I opposed our war crime Iraq war from August 2002, and I think Bush&Cheney should be (impeached and) removed from power.  The Texas lynching of Hussein is emblematic of our stupidly self-destructive junta over here.

However, Iran has gone out of its way (and own neighborhood) to threaten us, and it must be dealt with -- and better soon, before it gains real power.

My inference is that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated or implied Russian military action if we attacked Iran (at the tense foreign ministers' meeting last May at the Waldorf-Astoria), but if Iran is threatening us in our own hemisphere, self-defense (unlike in the case of Iraq) becomes a legitimate casus belli Russians might consider joining.  An increasingly militarist, expansive Iran would (already) be in your own neighborhood.

Indeed, Ahmadinejad apparently would like a general war as much as Bush&Cheney would, and would gladly lead you down that road to superpower confrontation and (considering Bush's mental state) our mutual oblivion.  Surely, some mutual agreement about the disposition of Iran can be reached as our countries did as allies back during the Second World War.  A fair partition of Kosovo should be included as well.

Again, people everywhere seem to have forgotten how uncertainly and easily WORLD wars start, unless the great powers are actively engaged and working together instead of against each other.

Thank you again for considering my concerns and ideas.

Lou Coatney
626 Western Ave.
Macomb IL 61455 USA

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