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Russian Fifth-Generation Fighter Jet

Russian Fith-Generation Fighter Jet
Tags: T-50, Russia

Main performance characteristics of Sukhoi T-50 fighter jet and similar foreign aircraft

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RIA NovostiRussian Fith-Generation Fighter JetRussian Fifth-Generation Fighter Jet

15:33 16/02/2012 Main performance characteristics of Sukhoi T-50 fighter jet and similar foreign aircraft>>

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  • arnoldvinette@yahoo.comPotential market is Canadian military
    19:39, 16/02/2012
    Thursday February 16, 2012

    A problem is currently developing with Canada's current order for 65 Lockheed F-35 jet fighters.

    The United States government has cancelled their own order of 179 F-35 jet fighters in order to trim their defence budget.

    This is resulting in increased costs to Canada, not to mention a delay in delivering the F-35 product.

    Canadian government has allocated $8.5 billion to purchase 65 Lockheed Martin F-35 jet fighters.

    Plus $7.5 billion for lifetime maintenance.

    Ottawa Citizen Wednesday February 15, 2012
    Page 1, Business & Technology

    Their may be an opportunity for Russia to make a proposal for their MiG-35 / MiG-50 jet fighter.

    However to secure this jet fighter contract Russia MUST be prepared to offer Canada an opportunity to do something in Russia to maintan the balance of trade.

    With $16 billion on the line it is a valuable trade issue.

    Arnold Vinette
    Ottawa, Canada
    • arsanlupin"Pants on fire", Arnold!
      15:57, 29/04/2012
      The actual text of the article that you pretend to quote actually says: "All of this stems from Monday's announcement by the Pentagon that confirmed plans to POSTPONE production of 179 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters built by Lockheed Martin Corp. over the next five years to save $15.1 billion, but it said the risk was 'manageable.'

      The Pentagon expects to spend $382 billion over the next two decades to develop and buy 2,443 of the new warplanes."


      There's a big difference between "postpone" and "cancel", and you phrased it in a way to imply that the US cancelled ALL of the planes ordered, instead of postponing 7% of them. A lie is a poor way to make your point, Arnold. You're starting to sound like the American Republican party's politicians.

      Anyone who doesn't have portents of imminent asteroid impacts, and alien civilizations building relocation spaceships in our atmosphere, would understand completely that the purchase of Russian tactical aircraft by a NATO member is a sick joke. One of NATO’s strengths is the interoperability of their equipment - the fewer the types of equipment to be maintained, the easier the logistics.

      The hard-core West-bashing Bolsheviks in this forum are constantly warning of “The West” using dependence of their technology as a weapon they constantly use to bludgeon their “vassals” to do their bidding. The fact that this purported dependence was never actually used by “The West” in such a way is conveniently ignored …

      Even Russia’s own government admits that their ability to manufacture advanced technology lags far behind that of the West. Looking at how well the Soviet Union’s best weapons and training stood up to NATO in Desert Storm in 1991 would convince anyone who could count beyond 10 without taking off their shoes.

      If you despise NATO so much, perhaps you should stop living in it! Perhaps Tiraspol would be more to your liking …
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