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About Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency

Rossiya Segodnya is an international multimedia news agency. Our goal is to provide prompt, balanced and objective coverage of world events and to offer international audience the Russian perspective on the news.

Rossiya Segodnya will focus on evolving an independent news agenda with regard to world events, gaining exclusive access to news sources, and in-depth reporting on important topics.

The agency is headed by journalist Dmitry Kiselev who is the Director General. Margarita Simonyan is the Editor-in-Chief.

Our strategy

 "The agency will provide international audiences with news not only and not so much about Russia as about international events from the Russian perspective. Russia is a leading player in the world and its voice should always be heard. With our help, people outside Russia will have access to information about Moscow's positions and interests straight from the source, not just from our foreign colleagues, as is often the case," Margarita Simonyan said.

Quality is our goal

Rossiya Segodnya's content meets the highest international standards of journalism: our coverage is exclusive, prompt, accurate, and offers a range of views. The agency's reporting is based on clearly defined standards that prevent external influences from affecting the quality of our information, including its accuracy and objectivity.

Rossiya Segodnya's international network

Rossiya Segodnya's team of international media professionals operates in more than 40 news bureaus worldwide.

The agency will continue to expand its network of foreign correspondents and create 12 news hubs in Washington D.C., London, Paris, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Istanbul, Dubai, New Delhi, Beijing, and Northern Europe.

Our multi-language radio broadcast will include Russian, English, German, French, Portuguese, Serbian, Polish, Spanish, Dari, Arabic, Turkish, Chinese, Hindi, Pashto, Persian, Kurdish, Japanese, and Urdu. Newsrooms broadcasting in local languages will open ​​in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine.

Over time, several regional news centers for different time zones will be launched for the convenience of the agency's web audience and newswire subscribers.

Rossiya Segodnya is expanding its international photo correspondent network by doubling the number of foreign-based freelance photographers. Our focus is on prompt delivery of photo content from all regions of the world and creating Russia's largest photo bank. The agency plans to increase the number of photographs published each day from 600 to 1,000 in 2014 alone.


Today, Rossiya Segodnya produces over 16 newswires in Russian, English and Spanish.

On April 1, 2014, Rossiya Segodnya launched an updated English-language newswire for the subscribers (RIAN News Service), which will continue to appear under the RIA Novosti name pending completion of the rebranding process, and a brand new one in Spanish (Servicio de Noticias Novosti).

By adding more staff, foreign-language newswires will be able to run 24/7, doubling the amount of the content. In early June, the Spanish newswire will operate around-the-clock with up to 500 updates published daily.

Rossiya Segodnya International Multimedia Press Center

Rossiya Segodnya's unique press center in Moscow is one of Russia's most visited media venues. Each year, the center hosts over 1,500 press events with the participation of senior government officials, prominent businessmen, representatives of social and political organizations, as well as foreign guests. Plans are in place to open Rossiya Segodnya press centers in Kiev, Yerevan, Astana, Chisinau, Tbilisi, Almaty, Beijing, London, New Delhi and Washington, D.C.

Rossiya Segodnya is an influential source of information on the Russian and international media markets.



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