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Collider is again in trouble

Topic:Large Hadron Collider
Collider is again in trouble

What are you dropping all the time in there?

The Large Hadron Collider has started facing unexplained problems of losing protons in the beams circulated in the 27-kilometer ring of the accelerator, the Elements website said citing a report by Roger Bailey, who is one of the leaders of experiment.

Scientists believe that it is because of “unidentified falling objects” –microscopic dust particles in the vacuum tube of the collider, which the protons encounter.

The first such case occurred in July, 2010. Specialists had to lower the sensitivity of the safety system and the beams started being released more rarely but did not stop.


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RIA NovostiCollider is again in trouble Collider is again in trouble

14:34 30/11/2010 What are you dropping all the time in there?>>

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