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Aircraft Industry Should Use Local Suppliers – Medvedev

18:06 26/02/2013
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LYTKARINO, Moscow Region, February 26 (RIA Novosti) – The Russian aircraft industry should use local suppliers and reduce dependence on imported parts and components, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Tuesday.

“Cooperation is very important, but at the same time we need to reduce dependence on imported materials and components. And of course, we should seek to achieve 100 percent local output,” the premier said at a government meeting at Lytkarino, which is home to an R&D Center for Russia’s Central Aviation Engine-Building Institute.

“The sector has started to emerge from a systemic crisis. Work is coming to completion to establish a corporation that will consolidate major factories for the production of aircraft engines,” he added.

He urged the domestic aircraft industry to diversify its output, increase the share of engine production for civil aviation and organize production of non-core business making gas turbine engines for the power sector and ship-building.

Medvedev said the government would spend about 70 billion rubles ($2.3 billion) in support for the aircraft industry until 2025, in addition to funding for modernizing the domestic defense industry.

That sum will be used to upgrade existing industry, introduce innovative technologies and develop the sector’s scientific and technical potential, Medvedev said.

Last year alone the United Engine-Making Corporation produced over 1,000 new aircraft engines and repaired 862, Medvedev said.

He cited the domestically produced VK-2500 gas turbine engine as a local production success-story. The VK-2500 is used in Russia's highly successful Mi-8, Mi-17 and Mi-171 family of helicopters.

The Lytkarino R&D Center is Europe’s largest test site for jet engines and is second only to the Glenn and Arnold engine research centers in the United States. The center conducts certification tests for engines produced by General Electric, Eurocopter, SNECMA and others, according to the Russian government’s press office.

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RIA NovostiRussian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at R&D Center for Russia’s Central Aviation Engine-Building InstituteAircraft Industry Should Use Local Suppliers – Medvedev

18:06 26/02/2013 The Russian aircraft industry should use local suppliers and reduce dependence on imported parts and components, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Tuesday.>>

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  • tec123I guess they are reading our post and just maybe taking a look at the positive voices here on RIA-NOVOSTI.
    23:48, 26/02/2013
    My God I can’t believe what I am reading what a wonderful piece of news Russia is now starting to realize this is the way to go because if one looks at China, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and England they all keep their money at home if one understand what I mean here?
    Another thing Russia reporters, should stop using the words Indigenous made, how about using words like proudly made in Russia for a change? My concern is that the word indigenous in its current form when written seems to defeat the real essence of a well experience work force and more looks like it was trial and error effort. The word indigenous should be used inside the sentence to describe the proudest of the achievements and not as the header of the opening sentence.
    Well dear Russians now you have heard the PM please step up don’t blow it and I am sure you will not.
    Oh we need for the local farmers to be more sufficient in chicken, beef and fish ECT, ECT. Keep the money at home brothers and sisters!

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